Our club

We have been teaching traditional Gojuryu Karate in Adelaide since 1974.

The Adelaide University Karate Club was formed when Masao Tada Hanshi (8th Dan, JKF Gojukai) returned to Japan and entrusted Chooi Renshi (5th Dan, JKF Gojukai) to continue teaching traditional Gojuryu Karate in Adelaide.

Chooi Renshi was chief instructor for almost 40 years before his passing in 2012. During that time, he forged the club's strong reputation and ties with senior instructors from around the world.

Today, the club is headed by Chooi Renshiís senior student, Peter Davie Shihan (5th Dan, JKF Gojukai). Peter Shihan is assisted by a cohort of senior instructors, including two other 5th Dan black belts, who train with the general class when not teaching. As a result, our classes have a high proportion of senior black belts challenging each other and training side by side with beginners.

What also sets us apart is that we focus on teaching what works rather than what looks good. This means we may not look very trendy compared to whatís showing at the movies, but that isnít our goal anyway.

As a non-profit club affiliated with the Adelaide University, we are driven to deliver on quality and integrity.