Our club

The Adelaide University Karate Club has been teaching traditional Gojuryu Karate since 1974.

We are non-profit so our method of teaching and areas of focus are unlike those you will find in a commercial club.

We are focused on teaching the essence of traditional Gojuryu Karate.

Our club was founded by Chooi Sensei (5th Dan, All Japan Karate Federation GojuKai). Chooi Sensei trained directly under Masao Tada Sensei (8th Dan, All Japan Karate Federation GojuKai) for some 40 years. During that time, he forged strong ties with both Masao Tada Sensei and many of the most senior figures in Gojuryu Karate.

Our club continues to enjoy the benefits of those ties today as we frequently have the privilege of hosting and training with senior instructors from around the world.